Recreation in the city

Santo Antonio do Pinhal is one of 15 cities considered as climatic resorts by the State of São Paulo, as they fulfil  certain prerequisites set by State Law. This status ensures these municipalities a larger budget for from the state to promote regional tourism. Also, the cities acquire the right to add to their names to the title of Climatic Resort, a term by which they are referred to by both municipal and state areas. 


  • Lageado Waterfall
  • Pico Agudo – with 360º view of the Paraíba Valley and from where sportsmen go paragliding and hangliding
  • Eugene Lefevre Railway Station
  • N.S. Auxiliadora lookout
  • Eco Parque – jardins temáticos e esportes radicais (rapel, tirolesa, arborismo)
  • Artesanato (em madeira, cerâmica, barro, velas, tecido, etc)
  • Trilhas
  • Ótimos restaurantes
  • Natural spring water
  • Plastic artists such as André Marx, Morito Ebine, Eduardo Miguel